P.A. runs a variety of extrusion press sizes from 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”, giving the advantage of higher precision to all sizes of profiles, drastically lower initial set-up costs and smaller orders possible. After the profiles are extruded, P.A uses its hydraulic-powered stretcher to straighten the profiles and are cut to length on each extrusion press.  The profiles are then transferred to the aging furnace to obtain predetermined strength properties such as tensile strength, limit ductility and elongation.

Aluminum Extrusion capacity of 1820 tons/month.

9 Units of Extrusion Machines.

2 x 4” machine 4 x 5” machines 2 x 6” machines with water quenching facility.

1 x 8” machine with water quenching facility. Aging Furnaces (7 units).

1 unit of 6” extrusion machines  installed and commissioned on 1-March-2020.

The current capacity  is 2086 tons/month