Before 2003, PAE sourced most of its aluminium billets from local suppliers. This posed a problem for PAE as some customised extruded profiles require aluminium billets of specific alloys, which are not easily obtainable from the local market. Furthermore, the quality of some aluminium billets did not measure up to its expectation. Realising the benefits of producing its own feed materials, PAE ventured upstream into casting of aluminium billets, which was also a core technical competency that Mr. Lim was able to leverage on. In 2003, PAE completed building its first aluminium billet casting facility and PAS was established to facilitate development of this operation. The aluminium billet facility was able to generate an output of 12,000 tonnes per annum which were mainly designed for internal consumption. The excess capacity of the aluminium billets are sold to the local market.

The Group differentiated itself from other extruders by having an integrated extrusion operation, and in the process, created a niche market in the customised profile design of aluminium products.