The increase in demand for both the extrusion and aluminium billets prompted the Group to expand by adding another furnace, capable of producing an additional 12,000 tonnes of aluminium billets per annum. Within the same year, in 2004, the Group established its third direct extrusion line. The group further expanded its downstream activities to enhance the production and services in 2005 by adding the precision sizing facility, powder coating facility and lots of machineries for the value adding process such as stamping, punching, milling, routing, drilling, bending, shearing, welding etc. In 2006, the group added a new production line of US2200 MT to capture the expanding need of its existing customers and new customers from various sector; both from overseas and local. Presently, the combined aluminium production capacity of the Group reached 14,880 tonnes of extrusion and 24,000 tonnes of billets per annum.