To eliminate dependency of sourcing billets from third party, P.A. ventured up-stream into casting billet in 2003 and PROFESSIONAL ALUMINIUM SMELTING SDN BHD (“PAS’) was established to facilitate development of this operation. The facility was able to generate an output of 12,000 tonnes per annum which were mainly designed for internal consumption. The excess capacity of the aluminium billets are sold to the local market. In 2004, another melting furnace was added to the existing one, bringing the production capacity to 24,000 MT annually.
Today, P.A. is one of the Malaysian Major Billet Player in the Market (23% market share ). P.A. casts both standard and special alloys aluminium billets. Standard aluminium billet is intended primarily for general or miscellaneous use where moderate bending and forming is permissible. In other cases specially formulated aluminium alloys can be cast to suit specific mechanical properties.